I came from a land down under... [New Zealand, Jan 23-Feb 9, 2018]

02 June 2019 / by Charmaine

NZ Food Scene

You wouldn't think New Zealand is particularly known for food, but we actually had a bunch of notable meals out here!

02 June 2019 / by Charmaine

Fully Jossed in the Lion City! [September 1-8, 2017]

Singapore is one of my favourite places in the world. This documents my first time visting. Little did I know I would be coming back in under a year!

03 August 2018 / by Charmaine

Exchange by the Numbers

1,883 photos

02 October 2017 / by Charmaine

Acting like a tourist in Zürich

On the eve of my 4th and final year of undergrad, this post serves as an opportunity to commemorate my time on exchange during winter/spring 2017 by featuring some of the highlights of day-to-day life in Zurich. At the time, there were all sorts of hurdles like culture shock and “wallet shock” (is that even a thing?). Now, months detached from the experience of 3rd year exchange coupled with another jaunt across Europe (I’m writing this from a boat in the Baltic Sea RIGHT! NOW!!), I can’t help but look fondly upon the experience and the place I called home from January to June 2. Zurich will forever have a special place in my heart.

01 September 2017 / by Charmaine

Spring Break (Part 2) — ESPAÑA!

Have you read part 1? It’s been a while, so the tl;dr is: went to Barcelona and Morocco, then boarded a ferry from Tangier to Algeciras. And that’s where our story picks up today…

25 June 2017 / by Charmaine

Spring Break (Part 1) – Barcelona & Morocco

Spring break in Zurich ran from April 12 – 24 this year. It was a little jarring since the term was already wrapping up back home around that time, yet I was just reaching the midway point on exchange! Thankfully, spring break gave me an opportunity to go on a longer, more ambitious trip. It started off feeling like a regular weekend adventure, but 12 days of non-stop travel definitely takes a toll on you.

01 June 2017 / by Charmaine

Adventures in Portugal [April 5-8, 2017]

Two days after getting back from Italy, I went to Portugal with Shubhi and her friend Kristie from USC. This was the second time I went to Portugal on exchange, but the circumstances this time around were 1000x better. For one, I had more than one outfit and had no plans to sleep on a marble slab at the airport. For another, can you say 26ºC WEATHER?!?! This was the first time that I got to truly wear summer clothes on exchange, and I loved every second! There’s so much STUFF you can do in Portugal that I could’ve probably spent another week there.

21 May 2017 / by Charmaine

Waffles and Fries, oh my! [Brussels, February 18-19]

My first flight out of Switzerland on exchange was a spontaneous trip to Brussels, Belgium! We flew using Swiss Air, which was a GREAT experience. Good airplane food and Swiss chocolate as you disembark? Sign me up.

26 March 2017 / by Charmaine

Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day

There’s nothing quite like Queen’s University on St. Patrick’s Day, and I would even contend that Dublin isn’t all that different. There were a myriad of issues with this trip that tainted it a bit (a cancelled Airbnb two days before the trip, constant rain, not bringing enough warm clothes, fog enshrouding the Cliffs of Moher, and flight delays), but I’m still glad I went. I haven’t seen so many North American tourists in one place until now, but celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin is probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

21 March 2017 / by Charmaine

The Official Gelato Tour of Europe

There are a few things I set out to do on exchange in Europe, and eating gelato everywhere was one of those grand plans. I present to you… The Official Gelato Tour of Europe!

14 March 2017 / by Charmaine

Welcome to Zürich!

Whew! I’ve been in Zürich for a couple weeks now, and it’s hard to believe how quickly time has passed. The weather has changed from frigid with a side of snow to smatterings of rain to the first hints at spring (already!! Can you believe it?). With an intensive marketing analytics block course out of the way, I feel like I’ve already settled into a routine.

20 February 2017 / by Charmaine

The Great European Road Trip

The AC Family’s Great European Road Trip has come to a close. I am now safely in Zürich, ready to take a breather after the most insane European Tour known to man.

31 January 2017 / by Charmaine

And we’re off!

Bags? Packed. Car? Booked. Checked? In. Today’s the day I leave for Switzerland! I mean, technically, I don’t leave for the airport for another few hours or so. But maybe I’ll update this post with a classic “airport pic” once I’m there. So many possibilities!

20 January 2017 / by Charmaine

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I’ve never truly travelled alone, but thankfully I’ve spent a lot of time travelling with family and friends. Before I leave for the ~journey of a lifetime!~, I thought I’d share some moments from all the exotic locales I’ve been to before.

18 January 2017 / by Charmaine

Hong Kong 2016

In October 2016, I had the amazing opportunity to go to Hong Kong for a case competition with some of my classmates at Queen’s. Hong Kong is a pretty cool place. I think most of us experienced some degree of culture shock — whether that be from to new food experiences or seeing a full on temple/garden combo in the middle of the city!

17 January 2017 / by Charmaine

Excerpt from my middle school travel journal

In 2009, my family visited 10 European countries in 25 days. Here’s the UNCUT, UNCENSORED excerpt from my middle school travel journal, specifically during the last time I was in Switzerland. [2017 commentary is in blue.]

16 January 2017 / by Charmaine