Excerpt from my middle school travel journal

Charmaine // 16 January 2017

In 2009, my family visited 10 European countries in 25 days. Here’s the UNCUT, UNCENSORED excerpt from my middle school travel journal, specifically during the last time I was in Switzerland. [2017 commentary is in blue.]

July 3, 2009 - (Switzerland) 10:36 pm

We’re now by Lake Lucerne. We went to visit Heidelberg (nice castle; many stairs), the Rhine river falls, and Lake Lucerne [Is it even possible to go to Lake Lucerne without seeing the lake?]. We saw a statue monument and proceeded to the hotel. We were upgraded, and the hotel is like a castle at the top of a hill. We had a yummy fish dinner, soup, and delicious cake with raspberries (although it was vanilla and strawberry flavoured). We also went to the Black Forest and ate very alcoholic black cherry cake [VERY alcoholic, eh? #corruptedTween].

Afterwards, Calvin, Tammy and I played cards. I then tried to go on the computer, but once I did successfully, no one would talk to me [because of the 6 hour time-zone difference, perchance?]. QQ Oh well. Now to take a shower. =\

July 4, 2009 - (Switzerland) 10:45 pm

Today was a day at leisure. We went on an excursion to Mt. Pilatus. It was breathtaking. We then ate lunch at a Swiss restaurant. The ice cream in particular was wonderful [No comment on the cheese fondue, I see. 2009 me had her priorities straight. I do plan to continue my ice cream/gelato tour of Europe this term.]. Afterwards, we spent the afternoon around town. The water is so clear, the chocolate so yummy (and I don’t even like chocolate!) and the ice cream so delicious. [That makes two ice cream comments in one paragraph! Watch this space.]

That evening, we went on the computer and then… Tammy, Calvin and I played the German game (one person is “it,” and must correctly identify one person hiding in a pitch black room with eyes open) and cops and robbers without the running. [Funny note about that sole hotel computer, now that I think about it: It was an old desktop with no mouse, and I remember hitting “tab” a million times and using the function keys to access Facebook. You could say my mouse-less Excel skills developed from there.]

It’s now night, and we’re leaving Lucerne tomorrow. Well, at least Innsbruck will have an indoor and an outdoor pool. =]